NNC 855P
Past & Present


(Above) NNC 855P as it was when Tyrer's of Addlington, Lancashire
had it for 10 years after Yelloway and before restoration.

(Below) Bought by Dave Williamson and now under restoration.

    Fully Restored


Hi Dave

It was good to see you and 855 again at the weekend - sorry I had to dash off so quickly to catch the bus.

I'm glad you liked the photos of 855 during its restoration. As I said, I was helped to a great extent in bringing 855 back to Yelloway condition by fellow members of the Ribble Vehicle Preservation Group. On the mechanical side, although in pretty good overall condition when I bought it from Tyrer's of Adlington, there was a broken leaf on a front spring, so both springs were taken off and sent away for reconditioning. Also it seemed prudent to replace some of the air lines. I owe a lot of gratitude for this work in particular to Graham Ashcroft, Mike Fitton and Keith Severn.

The repainting was done by the late Ambrose Fox, ably assisted in the rubbing down by Ian Simpson and Chris Harmsworth. I was also grateful to the Greater Manchester Museum of Transport who kindly provided the Yelloway transfers.

Best wishes

Dave Williamson

(Below) now converted to a mobile museum on its first visit to Torquay

At Torquay At Churston  

Sarah stop by at Churston with visitors to the museum    


More Photos to follow soon!

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