Yelloway Motor Services Ltd.

The post war travel boom

Following the onset of peacetime, Yelloway found itself coping with the demands of families re-united for the first time in years and seeking the pleasures of the coastal resorts and the countryside. A postwar travel boom followed, leaving many operators, Yelloway included, ill equipped to deal with it. Yelloway was one of the consortium of operators that formed Trans-United Ltd, to act as a central purchaser and supplier for the members. An offshoot of this company was Trans-United Coachcraft Ltd, which was to construct new coach bodies, initially for members of the consortium, but later for other operators, until demand fell in the 1960's and the business closed. A third company Trans-United Travel Agency Ltd was set up to deal with the administration of the member companies.

New vehicles were in short supply and Yelloway had to resort to re-bodying a number of vehicles to improve their appearance. It was 1947 before new vehicles began to arrive. Eight Leyland PS1's and four Bedford OB coaches were added to the fleet, with similar vehicles arriving over the next few years. By 1954 AEC had become the favoured chassis, and remained the standard for over 15 years.

In 1947, Yelloway acquired the Creams (Lancashire) Ltd operation of Brierley Brothers, which was based in Rochdale, along with the tours and excursions licences and an express route to North Wales from Rochdale and Oldham. Creams remained a subsidiary of Yelloway for a number of years. The North Western Road Car Company made another approach to the company about its possible purchase, but once again terms could not be agreed and subsequently Yelloway was accepted as a major express operator in its own right. In 1955 Holts of Oldham Ltd was purchased. This business had been set up by the original founders of Holt Bros (Rochdale) Ltd because of licensing difficulties in Oldham and, although at one time it had been planned to merge the two operations this had never been done and the Oldham company had continued to trade separately. Blue Bird Tours of Hollinwood was also acquired, including excursions licences from the Oldham area and a number of express services, including a Hyde to Cleveleys route, which was retained, although the Oldham to Market Drayton service was sold to the North Western Road Car Company. During the same year Yelloway was involved with Ribble, North Western, Standerwick and Lancashire United in setting up the Fylde Coast Services Pool. These arrangements enabled a greater utilisation of the coaches of Pool members and better facilities for passengers.

In 1959 Yelloway acquired three more operators, taking over the businesses of the Rossendale Division Carriage Company, Johnston Bros (Middleton) Ltd, and Merriway Tours Ltd. Among the licences acquired were those for a summer weekends only express service to North Wales and the operation of coaches for Burnley FC home matches from Bacup to the Turf Moor ground.

Towards the end of the 1960's vehicle policy had standardised on the AEC Reliance chassis with Burlingham Seagull bodywork, although the acquisition of Burlingham in 1959 by Duple saw Yelloway order the Donnington-style bodywork on the next four coaches, but these did not find favour with the company and they switched to Harrington with the next order of coaches.

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