Sincere gratitude to the following people and organizations who have kindly contributed towards the Yelloway Mobile Museum project. 
Your kindness has enabled me to preserve a vital part of our transport heritage.

Y.M.S. = Former member of Yelloway or strong connections with the company.

Allen Hubert.  O.B.E., J.P., (Late) - Chairman/Managing Director,  Y.M.S. 
Allen David M.A. the Rev'd. Y.M.S.
Anderson John. - Proprietor, John Anderson Coach Hire, Exmouth.
Ashworth Tony. -  Driver Y.M.S.
Aspinall Keith. (Late) - Booking Clerk Y.M.S.

Bailey Jean.
Bailey Neil. - proprietor of The Coachmasters (Rochdale) Ltd.
& Sponsor of Yelloway Museum.
Barber Stephen. - Operations Manager, Wallace Arnold Tours.
Barlow Geoff. - Head Mechanic  Y.M.S.
Bates Gordon.
Barrett Ena & John.
BBC Radio Devon.
Berry Howard.
Best Of British Magazine (Museum feature August 2010)
Binns Robert. (Late) Y.M.S.
Bowker Mr E.
Bradley Colin - Western Morning News.
Bridge Fred.
Brierley Mrs. Y.M.S.
Briggs Bill.
Bristoll Eric & Hillary.
Brooks Mark - The new Yelloway Motor Services Ltd.
Broadhead Irene. - Niece of Ernest Holt of Holt Bros (Rochdale) Ltd. Y.M.S.
Brown Tony.
Bryning Chris. - Printer and publisher for Y.M.S.
Buckley Richard. CDK 172L Restored Yelloway Coach
Buckley Steve. CDK 172L Restored Yelloway Coach
Burslam Zena. - Booking Clerk, Bloomfield Rd. Blackpool. 1950-75  Y.M.S.
Bury Metro.
Bus & Coach Preservation Magazine.
Buxton Queenie. - Niece of Herbert Allen's chauffeur 1934-9.

Catlow Richard. - Chief Editor Rochdale Observer Newspaper.
Channel 4 Television.
Coach Monthly Magazine.
Collinge Tom. (Late) - Founder of Ribble Enthusiasts Club Y.M.S. 
Commercial Vehicle Museum, Leyland, Lancashire.
Cope Ray - Wallace Arnold Tours
Corgi Collector Magazine.
Cornish Bob.
Nick Crane. - BBC Television 'Coast' Programme
Crawley Bob.
Critchley Dennis. (Late) - Driver/Inspector Y.M.S.
Crossley Peter. - Driver Y.M.S.
Cryer Dave.
Cuss Gerald.

Daly Michael. - Sponsor for Yelloway Museum
Devon General Society.
Dicker Ronald (Late) - Former long serving Wallace Arnold Driver 
Dibnah Fred. (Late)
Diggle Mary. Y.M.S.
Down Beryl. (Late)
Duffy Chris. - Sponsor for Yelloway Museum
Duffy Gerry. - Charting Officer Y.M.S.

Elfee Major. - Wallace Arnold Tours.
Elliott Frank. - Proprietor of Memory Lane Tours & Yelloway Museum Sponsor.
Ellis Gordon.

Fielden Harold.
Fielding Eric. - Yelloway Company Secretary 1968-87 Y.M.S.
Fielding Hilda. - Booking Clerk 1955-65 Y.M.S
Fox Ambrose. (Late) - Coachpainter of Yelloway Mobile Museum

Gale Alan.
Giddings Arthur. (Late)
Gould Peter.
Greaves Peter.
Green Dave (Boy) - Driver Y.M.S.
Greenoff Mary. Y.M.S.
Grimley Roger & Barbara.
Groves Trevor. - Driver Y.M.S.
Grundy Austin. Y.M.S.

Harker Gordon. Driver Y.M.S. now Proprietor of The Coachmasters (Rochdale) Ltd. & former sponsor of Yelloway Museum.
Hatcher Harry.
Hawkins Jim.
Healey Ken.
Healey Keith. (Late)
Henstock Gerry. - Traffic Operations Manager 1953-87 Y.M.S.
Heritage Commercials Magazine.
Hill Andy.
Hobbs John.
Hodkinson Ron. - (Bonnie Ronnie!) - Driver Y.M.S.
Hollingsworth Andrew.
Howard Harry.
Howard John & Brenda.
Howarth Cyril. (Late) Body Shop Foreman 1947-80 Y.M.S. 

Jack Bessie
Jack John. (Late)
Johnson Mr. J.G.
Jones Arthur. (Late) - Driver/Inspector 1938-78 Y.M.S.
Jones Bryan.

Lane Harold (Harry).
Law Ian. (Late) - Driver Y.M.S.
Lloyd David. - Driver/Storekeeper Y.M.S.
Lobley Ken & Pat.
Low Jock.

Manchester Evening News.
Manchester Museum of Transport. Y.M.S.
Marriot Kathleen.
McDonald Miriam. Y.M.S.
McNee Alex. - Driver Y.M.S.
Millman Duncan. - Managing Director, Grey Cars Coaches, Devon.
Mills Alan. - Driver Y.M.S.
Mills Kathleen. - Wife of the late Cyril Wilson, Yelloway Secretary 1948-68  Y.M.S.

Newton Cliff. - Coachbuilder, Willowbrook Coachworks.
Nichol Ernie. - Foreman Mechanic Y.M.S.
Noble Irene.  (Late) - Booking Clerk Y.M.S.
North West Film Archive.

Ogden Edith & Alan.
Ogden Eric (Late), Joan & Noel. Eric was my main inspiration for establishing the Yelloway Museum.
Okill Dick.
Oldham Local Studies Library.
O'Mara Terry. - Driver Y.M.S. 
Ormerod Ken & Eileen.

Painter Alan. - Driver Y.M.S.
Papworth Joyce. - Hubert Allen's Secretary Y.M.S.
Park Jessie.
Parker Joy. - Hubert Allen's daughter Y.M.S.
Parkhill Bob.
Patterson Bill.
Perkins Mike.
Platt Phil.
Plaxton's - Bus & Coach Manufacturers. Y.M.S.
Pollock Michael - Brixham, S. Devon. Kind donation of many toy vehicles and areoplanes.

Ralph Bernard. - Driver Y.M.S.
Rea John - Wallace Arnold Tours
Rew Tim. - Managing Director, Livermead House Hotel, Torquay. 
Ribble Enthusiasts Club. - All Members Y.M,S.
Richardson Arnold. (Late) of Photobus
Robinson Harold. (Late) - Traffic Manager 1953-88 Y.M.S.
Rochdale Museum Services & Local Studies Library.
Rochdale Observer Newspaper. Y.M.S.
Roddis Clinton.
Roebuck Harry. (Late) - Booking Office Manager 1930-76 Y.M.S.
Rose David.
Rossendale Free Press.
Royds Mike. - Y.M.S. now Proprietor of M R Travel, Rochdale.
& Sponsor of Yelloway Museum.

Salt Ken (Late) & Elsie.
Scott Mr.
Screaton Clive & Sarah.
Seddon Gordon & Bessie.  Y.M.S. (Seddon's Coaches - On Hire)
Severs Jeff.
Shaw Geoff. - Driver/Inspector Y.M.S.
Shears Colin.
Sherwood Mel & Cathy. Proprietors of Great Western Hotel, Paignton, Devon. 
Shirreff Malcolm - Driver Y.M.S.
Skelding Dorothy. Y.M.S.
Slater David. - Administration Officer Y.M.S.
Smith Sir Cyril (Late) - M.P. Y.M.S.
Standard Motor Club (Manchester Group)
Stocks Rod. - Driver Y.M.S.
Sturrock Ian.
Sutcliffe Mona. Y.M.S. 

Taylor Dorothy. (Late) - Accounts Clerk 1933-76 Y.M.S.
Taylor Eva. - Office Clerk 1928-34 Y.M.S.
Taylor John.
Taylor Katie. - Researcher, Channel 4 Television.
Taylor Mr. N. Y.M.S.
Tolson Ron.
Torquay Herald Express Newspaper.
Train Alistair.
Turnbull George, - Archivist, Manchester Museum of Transport.

Vernon Maurice.

Watkins Alan. 
West Country Historic Omnibus & Transport Trust.
Western Morning Newspaper.
Whitworth Bernard. - Driver/Inspector/Chauffeur 1927-60 Y.M.S. 
Bernard was 96 in May 2006 and he is still as large as life!!
Whitworth John. - Driver Y.M.S. 
Wilkinson Robert. - Traffic/Charting Officer 1968-89 Y.M.S.
Williamson Dave. - Restorer and former owner of NNC855P, now the Mobile Museum.

Yates Mike & Joan. - Ribble Enthusiasts Club Publication Officers Y.M.S.


In compiling the history and fleet list on this site the following sources have been used extensively and we recommend them to anyone who would like to find out more about the history and vehicles of the former
Yelloway Motor Services Ltd.

The Yellow Road a history of Yelloway Motor Services by Judith and Peter Deegan. Published by Pride Books in 1982. This book is sadly now out of print but you may be able to obtain a copy through either a specialist book dealer - a transport rally or the internet auction site The book contains detailed information about the Company and vehicles including many photos from the Yelloway archives.


Buses Extra 22; The Independent Scene (1982) contains an article on Yelloway on pages 19-25 by David Slater. It pre-dates the history above and provides a concise history of the company for those who are not prepared to wade through detail. You may be able to find a copy on sale at one of the stalls at a bus rally or contact the museum for a free copy of the feature.


Buses/Buses Illustrated
Much additional information has come to light from History of YMS Ltd Page 4 through the columns of Buses/Buses Illustrated. This informative magazine has been in production since 1949 and is still going strong today.


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