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During the years 1994-96 I set about the task of collecting as much Yelloway memorabilia as I could in order to set up a decent display for public viewing. I travelled the country visiting many former employees and passengers of Yelloway and their families who were very generous in either donating or loaning priceless items of memorabilia for my cause.  Hubert's daughter Joy generously provided priceless amounts of memorabilia including her late fathers prized trophies and awards which were given to him for his excellent services to the transport industry.  At the beginning of 1997 I achieved my task and was able to set up the "Yelloway Museum of Memorabilia" in a converted stone outbuilding in Churston,

Torbay, which dated back to 1854. The location and building was excellent but the only drawback was that it was too small and could not cater for the unexpected amount of people that wanted to view the display, especially during the summer months when people were in Devon on holiday. The space in the museum could only cater for about 5 people at a time so to avoid disappointment for people just turning up on the spur of the moment I had to introduce a  "view by appointment only" policy. The ideal solution, I thought, was to try and purchase a real Yelloway coach and restore and convert it into a mobile museum so that I could take the display to the public by visiting the many Bus and Coach Rallies.  

During February 1999 the Yelloway collection of memorabilia was featured on the channel 4 TV programme 'Collectors Lot' and it generated a huge amount of interest. More items of memorabilia were offered to the museum by people who had watched the programme and this kindness has added more memories to keep the proud name of Yelloway alive. A repeat of the show was broadcast again during the year 2000 which brought another huge response from the Yelloway loving public.  Although Sue and I loved the tranquil area of Torbay in which we had lived for the past 7 years we were terribly homesick and missing our family so we decided to sell our cottage in Churston, Torbay and return (with the museum) to Timperley Cheshire which we did during September 2001. The museum was eagerly set up on the first floor of our new home in time for its first viewers on the 8th November 2001. During January 2002 a feature appeared in the Rochdale Observer newspaper informing its readers that the Yelloway Museum of Memorabilia had arrived "up north" in Timperley and this really "put the cat amongst the pigeons". The telephone never stopped ringing for days, the vast majority of Rochdalians were eager to view the Yelloway museum!. Although now slightly larger than the museum in Devon the move nearer to Yelloway's home town of Rochdale proved to be a problem, we just could not accommodate the amount of people that wanted to view the memorabilia.  Although it was now my dream to own a former Yelloway coach I thought the possibility of actually acquiring one in which to install the collection of memorabilia was virtually impossible but my dream was to come true at Easter 2002 when Mr Dave Williamson of Preston, Lancs. agreed (under pressure!) to part with his beloved NNC-855P, which he had lovingly restored over 2 years into full Yelloway livery, for the museum project.   I am indeed indebted to Dave and very much appreciate his generosity.  By September 2002 my dream was realised when former Yelloway coach - NNC-855P, AEC Reliance, Duple Dominant - was launched from outside  the former Yelloway offices in Rochdale as the 'Yelloway Mobile Museum of Memorabilia'.  A special event was organised and named  'The Torquay Magical History Tour'  when, during October, the coach museum followed the same route that the very first char-a-banc took on its pioneering journey from Rochdale to Torquay in 1911. During its three day stay in Torquay the coach was visited by 400 eager enthusiasts!.

During the following 8 years I toured the country with NNC 855P putting it on display at Transport Rallies/Events and in June 2009 the coach became a permanent exhibit in Churston, Torbay. During the following 2 years and 7 months whilst  the Yelloway Museum coach was based in Torbay (at the Churston Traditional Farm Shop) it attracted many thousands of visitors and was filmed twice by the BBC for their 'Coast' and 'Timeswitch' programmes which have been shown several times on BBC 1 and BBC 4.

Due to the fact that I was now approaching my 70th year I became very concerned about the future of the Yelloway Museum and during February 2012 I took the painful decision to find a new owner for it.  To my relief Mr Paul Blackburn kindly offered to purchase the coach and give the Yelloway Mobile Museum a secure and fantastic new home at the Bury Transport Museum in Bury, Lancashire.

I wish to thank every person that has made this project possible.
Your generosity has helped to keep the proud name of the 
Yelloway Motor Services Company Limited  ALIVE!!

Dave Haddock

The Yelloway Mobile Museum, which is crammed with a wonderful history,

has now got a wonderful future at: 

Bury Transport Museum

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